Hoedspruit Accommodation Guest House

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    Fifteen individually decorated rooms with attention to detail . . .
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    Comfortable rooms and facilities, a must for any traveller . . .
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    Perfect views over the Blyde Mountains . . .

What Our Guests Say

"Warm welcome, stunning rooms, great friendly and helpful staff."

~ Trevour Douglas, Canada (10/05/2014)

"Fantastic stay!"
~ Family Vam Zadel, New Zealand (02/06/2015)

"Very good, definitely come back."
~ Oliver Auge, France (07/07/2015)

"Absolutely fantastic, staff amazing, location wonderful, way hard to leave."
~ Matthew Lambert, French and British (09/08/2015)

"The service was excellent, the house very lovely, thank you."
~ Romane and Maria Palud, France (10/08/2015)

"Lovely quiet spot. Excellent meals."
~ Devin and Michelle Walters, New Zealand (22/08/2015)

"Great location and good food."
~ Alberto Cioffi, Italy (24/08/2015)

"Stunning. Really hospitable. Lovely peaceful place."
~ Joseph Cosgrave, Ireland (25/08/2015)

"Great location. Lovely rooms. Delicious breakfast. Nice people."
~ Gable and Vemens Taok, Germany (25/08/2015)